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Enya Studio
Student art Camp

Create a meaningful summer for your child! Enya Art Studio Summer Camp warmly welcomes young artists to join us! We provide professional art guidance, allowing children to experience the joy of art in their creations, and cultivate their imagination and creativity. Let your child showcase their artistic talent this summer!

Register summer camp at Katy & Cypress

Enhance Your Artistic Journey:

       One-day field trip to the Museum of Fine Art every Wednesday!

        Learning the painting methods and techniques from masterpieces in the museum. Cultivate children's ability of art analysis and art appreciation.


 Class & Environment

​Study and Appreciate Masterpieces

Unlock Creativity:

          Dive into a Dynamic Fusion of Artistry and Ceramic Mastery!

          Embark on a Thrilling Journey through 3-Hour Artistic Escapades and 3-Hour Ceramic Adventures! 🎨


Our Plans

9 : 00 - 16 : 00



The Early Bird discount starts Today!
Register Now!

We also provide lunch ($8/day) and free early drop and late pick-up!


Student's Work

Creative, imaginative

Unlock Your Creative Potential:

       Dive into a Realm of Boundless Creativity Where Every Brushstroke and Sculptural Form Reflects Your Distinctive Flair and Artistic Perspective.

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