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Why Choose Enya Studio? 

  At Enya Studio, we create a space devoted to excellence and ingenuity in art education for children of all ages. We are passionate about fostering a fun, positive and engaging atmosphere for children where they can learn, play and grow to the fullest in the most dynamic and colorful wonderland that art has to offer.

​ We provide a unique hands-on and immersive learning environment, located on a beautiful 3-acre farm surrounded by an idyllic landscape for our kids to explore creative ways of making and appreciating art. Students at Enya Studio build a strong foundation of fundamental techniques through the exposure of a variety of mediums, engaging them in different creative styles and processes. 

    With tremendous success and popularity, Enya Studio has been proudly nurturing young artistic minds in the greater Houston area for over 7 years and is now one of the largest studios in the area.

The Enya Studio Philosophy

Art is a journey, an adventure, a discovery

    It is our mission to provide and nurture a space in which children may connect with the world surrounding them through creativity. At Enya Studio, we believe that art offers the most intuitive, individual, tangible and expressive approach to convey the beauty and joy of this world to children.


Our approach to art instruction encourages children to learn with joy, self-esteem, and pride, respects the distinctive individuality of each child, and allows students to mature as future artists and designers with a strong foundation in fundamental skills built over time with patience and confidence. 

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